American Association of University Professors to Host 2014 Spring Meet

With more than 20 years of experience in the legal profession, Thad Furlong currently serves as an attorney and partner at Furlong & Drewniak, PLLC. In addition to his duties as a criminal defense attorney, Thad Furlong serves as an adjunct professor at Northern Virginia Community College. As a member of the educational community, Thaddeus Furlong maintains affiliation with the American Association of University Professors.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is preparing to host its 2014 Spring Regional Meeting, which will be held April 12, 2014, in Columbus, Ohio, at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel. Held in conjunction with the AAUP Ohio chapter’s annual meeting, the regional meeting will feature a lecture by Professor Chad Hanson, chair of the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Wyoming’s Casper College. Professor Hanson will address attendees during a discussion entitled “Talking Higher Education: Metaphors That We Live By.”

Established in 1915, the AAUP is dedicated to promoting academic freedom, defining the standards and values of college education, and ensuring that higher education positively impacts students and society. For nearly a decade, the organization has helped to shape the procedures and standards that govern academic excellence and freedom in our nation’s postsecondary learning institutions.


About Thad Furlong

A criminal defense attorney, former law enforcement professional, and veteran of the United States military, Thaddeus Furlong brings more than three decades of relevant experience to his work at Stone Furlong Drewniak PLLC in Stafford, Virginia. Commanding an impressive and highly diversified professional background, Thaddeus Furlong spent the first 20 years of his career in a broad range of educational and occupational capacities, with notable work performed as a nuclear submarine officer, police officer, FBI Instructor and his helping hundreds of clients as a Georgetown Law criminal defense attorney. During this time, Thaddeus Furlong worked in the U.S. Navy in land and sea assignments, including on the staff of the Commander Middle East Force during the reflagged tanker hostilities in the Persian Gulf. While in the Navy, he also served on nuclear submarines, was a Certified Government Contracting Officer, and worked with various embassies in a number of countries. In addition, Thaddeus Furlong attended California State University, Los Angeles, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. First in his class at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Explorer Academy, he was selected to represent the department at a conference in Washington, DC, where he met the President of the United States. He also served as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and graduated first in his class with the Fairfax County Police. He has served in a variety of law enforcement positions, including patrol operations and criminal investigation. He is now an adjunct instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Seeking further professional development, Thaddeus Furlong enrolled at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C., where, in addition to his coursework, he took part in various legal aid activities. Graduating from Georgetown with his Juris Doctor in 1995, Thaddeus Furlong subsequently passed the Virginia Bar Examination and embarked on the next phase of his career. After 10 years at various law firms in Virginia, Thaddeus Furlong joined Bose Law Firm PLLC as a Senior Attorney. From 2005 through 2010, Thaddeus Furlong proved an integral member of the team at Bose Law Firm PLLC, representing clients on a wide variety of cases involving bank fraud, sex crimes, DUIs, and more. Expanding his legal practice, Thaddeus Furlong teamed up with a number of former law enforcement professionals, now experienced criminal defense attorneys, to form Stone Furlong Drewniak PLLC, which represents clients statewide in all Virginia local and federal courts. Aside from his work at Stone Furlong Drewniak PLLC, Thaddeus Furlong serves as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Northern Virginia Community College and Adjunct Instructor at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. To read more about the professional history of Thaddeus Furlong and the legal services he provides at Stone Furlong Drewniak PLLC, please visit the firm’s official website at
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